Thursday, January 28, 2010

My sister, Shark Girl.

Elsie is pushing seven years old.
She has been some what frustrated by the fact she hadn't lost any teeth yet.
This got even more frustrating when instead of loosing teeth, she started getting teeth growing in behind the baby teeth.
We were a little concerned about this.

Me and Lucy that is.
Me- because, well, is that a bad thing? I know it's not a good thing. But how bad is that, really? In the big scheme of things.
My mother (who I default to often. she did raise 8 kids and all) assured me No Big Deal.
Lucy- she was concerned about the new teeth growing in behind for a whole different reason.
She asked me in whispered tones one night if this meant her sister was turning into a shark.
I told her not to worry and that I really didn't think so.

At long last her two bottom teeth became loose!!
Finally two nights ago one came out.
And what does that stinkin' Tooth Fairy do?
She forgets her duties.
Stupid Tooth Fairy.
I'm guessing the Tooth Fairy has possibly had a nasty cold and by the time every one is in bed she had already clocked out both mentally and physically,
that- of course- is purely speculation.

the very next night the girls decided to leave a note for her---

"Dear Tooth Fairy
I am very excited that you are here. I kind of felt bad when you didn't come last night. This is my first tooth I have ever lost. It is the tooth that is under right front tooth. Thank you for coming. I hope my tooth is clean.

Here she is in all her toothless glory.
And by toothless,
I mean baby-tooth-gone-and-another-tooth-already-there-so-that-the-whole-toothless-thing-is-a-little-anti-climactic.
No matter, she is pleased as punch.

I hope this will ease Lucy's mind a bit.
They do share a bed...I suppose I can't blame her for being a little nervous
sleeping next to her sister who may or may not have been transforming into a shark.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mothers Union

Here's the thing- I have a cold. A stupid cold. And while I'm no where near death's doorstep I have felt fairly crummy for few days now. This morning as I was doing all my morning stuff I was thinking to myself:

Self, why didn't you check the box that said 'Yes, I would like to be able to take a sick day.'? And then I remembered that I am a Mom and there are no sick days when you are Mom. And then I thought about the fact that, well, that's really a bummer. Then I had an idea...

Mothers Union. We form a Mothers Union. We pay our dues in cookies and brownies. Then, when we are just not feeling quite up to par we send out the bat signal (or call or text) and in comes the relief pitcher (or 2 or 3). Some one takes a kid here or there, does a load or two of laundry, dinner is at the door. This service could be used at your discretion, we each have a couple of sick days a year, and by the word 'sick' I mean 'sick' like feeling under the weather or 'sick' like I'm loosing my freaking mind here!

Women are so good to each other when the distress call is made. Someone had a baby? Surgery? Moving? We are there. Dinner, child care, packing, cleaning-- we got it covered.

Mothers Union would require us all to admit to being a little more human than we really want to. We would have to freely admit that we just want a little extra help. We're not so good at that, at least I'm not. And that, my friends, may be the demise of MU.

It was a nice idea all the same.

P.S. Sidenote Afterthought:
After rereading and mulling over this post for a moment or two I thought I should just say that I am in no way trying to solicit child care, laundry service, or dinner delivery (okay, maybe dinner...who doesn't love dinner duty relief?). Let's just say that sitting down to the computer while under the influence of the cold relief drug cocktail I concocted as diminished my filtering skills.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

After a cold, wet week...

waking up to a view like this...

from my front yard,
is not such a bad thing.

Snow on Red Mountain never fails to amaze me.

I'm not sure if it is because it is so rare
because it is just that beautiful.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note to Children Across America:

Or at least the children that live with me.

Clothes that you have taken out of your closet or drawer and decided not to wear...

Clothes that have been on your body for less than 10 minutes....

Clothes that you were supposed to put away, but instead chose to throw on the floor...

Clothes that you have put in the wrong place and discover and are to lazy too put in the right place....

The hamper is NOT, nor do I want it to be, a dumping ground for every item of clothing that crosses your path that you do not immediately put on your body.

Thank you,
The Management.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love laundry?
It's my secret passion.
And ironing.
Love them both, almost more than life itself.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog People.

Honestly, I never thought I would be one.

I was a blurker for quite some time of the local gals. A bunch of the besties 'round the neighborhood all had one of these newfangled blog things. I didn't even comment for a while, I wasn't clear what blog etiquette was toward a blurker. A blurker with no blog of her own, none the less. I got over that and became a commenter, before long I joined ranks and was a full fledged member of the blog world.

My Peeps list really did just consist of my friends in the neighborhood. Here's something some of you already know about me--I stink at staying in touch. Like stink big time. Which is kind of crazy because I am a phone talker extraordinaire, always have been. But 'staying in touch' I'm not so good at. I like to think of myself as the best low maintenance friend anyone could ask for...haven't talked in months, haven't seen you in years? Doesn't matter to me, I'm good to pick up and call you my bestie any time.

So, there I was living the dream. Content with the five people who even knew my blog existed. Enter facebook. From there I came across peeps I hadn't seen in years and my fellow Idaho Nelson original gal that I have only met in person once. I'm just sayin''s been an old friend gold mine. My peeps list grew. And grew.

I may still be the same old girl that is not so good at 'staying in touch' but, this whole blogging world makes people like me feel a whole lot better about the 'in touch' issues that have haunted me for years.

I never, in a million years, would be able to keep up with people the way a blog let's me keep up with people. I get to check in whenever the time is convenient for me and leave my two cents--and you get to do the same, and I do love all the two cents people leave for me. In a really round about way (because round about is the only way I say anything) I guess what I am trying to say is while I never thought I would be a blogger, I sure am glad I am.

And I'm glad you all are too. Thanks for giving me a peek into your lives and taking a peek at mine. Here's a farmgirl shout out to you all:
family, new friends, old friends, non-crazy blurkers, and anyone else out there in blog world that has stumbled across the farmgirl life.

Thanks for stopping by and settin' a spell, mighty glad ya did.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The #10 can.

When one's husband is the scout master and he heads up a big old group for a fifty mile hike and they will be surviving the week mostly on dehydrated meals and the cheapest way to get those dehydrated meals is by ordering them in bulk and those meals come in #10 cans and your garage is where every thing scout related that doesn't have a home end up,
one ends up with a whole lot of empty #10 cans left over.

when (six months later) one's husband goes over the garage with a fine tooth comb *organsizing it to the hilt one is liable to have one's husband bring in 30 some odd #10 cans and say,
"Where do you want 'em Honey?"

*a word on the word organsize. This word is derived from a certain cute little two year old, way back when. Adam was a clean freak as a small child. He would tell me he was going to organsize his room and not to bother him. The word organsize was born and has never left us.

one were a regular, run of the mill kind of a girl she might say,
"Uh, the garbage?"

if one were a certain lady named farmgirl she would say...
well, first of all she would take a moment to recite her motto:
Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
then, she would remember she is the queen (or maybe the princess, her mother is the queen) of finding a use for many an item.
And, she would also remember that MacGyver is her hero and wonder
WWMGD? (what would MacGyver do?)
Then she would say to that sweet lovin' man,
"Bring 'em on in cuz Ohhhh Baby, I can do some serious organsizing damage with those."

Put some in the girl's drawers.
Undies, undershirts, socks, tights, leggings at your service.

The husband also is now sporting a drawer full of #10s, I'll spare you the pics.

Adam got on board and is sorting his drawer full of legos into the trusty #10s.

farmgirljunior, who was blessed with the crafty gene,
decorated hers to match her room.
She very discretely wrote on the lid the contents of each can.
A girl needs her privacy, right?

So, there you have it.
Only two more cans waiting for a home.

I love finding a use for things.
It makes me so happy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009, in a nutshell.

First off, let me give you all some back story on this post.
Normally, I send out Christmas cards and pictures.
For the last couple of years I stepped it up a notch and even sent out a letter.
I know, big time- right? It's almost like I'm a full fledged adult.
My dear ol' friend Robyn made me a lovely little book a couple of years back to keep said card/picture/letter in.
Well, the whole card/letter/picture thing--it just didn't happen this year.
since I didn't want the book to look like we had skipped the year 2009 altogether I decided to write something up just for history's sake.
Ya, that didn't happen before Christmas either.
So, finally the other day I got around to getting it done.
Bare in mind that I write a little differently when I'm not planning on the world at large seeing it. I wasn't necessarily going to post this here, but with a friendly nudge, I decided to.
And, well, here it is...

2009, in a nutshell.

No Christmas letters sent out this year. Time got away from me. Although, I did think I should write a little something to put in the book. So, here it is…..

This was a year of changes. Mike stopped working for Arnell-West in February; they closed down the St. George branch. This left us with some pretty big decisions to make. We decided to stay here and open our own business. Atlas Property Services made its first dollar on March 14th. Not a whole lot of dollars were made this year, but the lessons we have learned and the growth we have experienced are priceless.

The kids have been beyond amazing this year. Adam is now 14. I can’t really talk about that. He is wrestling these days and loving it. Audrey is 11. She is turning into quite the young lady. She is beautiful, smart and a whiz in the kitchen. Lucy is 9. Goose is forever the comic relief in our family with a heart of absolute gold. Elsie is 6. She is still the singing queen. Her life is a musical, and we are all playing a part. Grant is 3. He is the cutest, most exasperating little man I have ever known. He loves being ‘best brothers’ with Adam and has the whole family eating out of his hand.

Mike is still the scout master. I think Mike will always be the scout master. He loves it and the boys love him. He took them on a 50 miler in the Uintas this summer. I’m pretty sure it was life changing for more than one of those who experienced it. I could not be more proud of what he does and who he is.

I was finally released from the primary and put in the young women’s. It is a change I am still getting used to, but I do like change. I have been tending kids almost full time this fall, along with cleaning the vacation home I have been for years. It has been really busy and pretty stressful at times. Such is life and so it goes.

This year preparing for Christmas was very different and in many ways a lot less stressful than usual. But, as the big day drew near I began to worry if everything really was going to be all right. Every year the girls participate in the town Christmas Eve pageant. It has Small Town, USA written all over it—and I love it. While at the pageant, I truly felt the spirit of Christmas when the whole congregation sang Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright. It was at that moment that Christmas found me. It came without ribbons, boxes and bows. It settled in, right down deep inside. It brought out the tears of gratitude for a year blessed with health and safety, a year that I have felt the guiding influence and love of my Heavenly Father more than ever before.

The sweet blessings of that night didn’t end with the pageant, nor did the feelings of gratitude. If anything they grow stronger every day. This Christmas will not soon be forgotten. In fact, my hope and prayer is that it never will.

We are blessed and loved. Life is beautiful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Holidays.

In a word, Lovely.
We certainly did enjoy ourselves a Merry Little Christmas.
The whole break was quite enjoyable.
Wanna rundown?
Well, alrighty then- let's get on with it.
I'll just hit the highlights, you can thank me later.

Here the kiddies are lined up pre-craziness Christmas morning.
This may be my new favorite picture of them.
I don't really know why, I guess it captured a little bit of all of them.
Okay, maybe not Adam so much he was rousted out of bed about 90 seconds prior.
That's the Santa wrapping/wall paper in the back there, best idea EVER!!
Wrapping the wall = No listening all night for stray chiltens sneaking a peak =
Sleep for Mom = Yeah Sleep!!!

On the 26th we loaded up for a trip to visit Winter.
We found Winter.
Side Note: Winter does not live here.
This was very clear once we returned and realized we have NOTHING to complain about.

We ate, played games, ate, visited, ate, watched movies,
did I mention the food?
Hmmm,mmmm a trip to Idaho always involves great food and fun.

Here's the cousins getting ready for a tubing adventure.
Nothing says fun like four giant tubes and sixteen kids behind a tractor in a field.

Really though, let's be honest, the most adventurous thing was the drive home.
What normally takes us 6+ hours took us roughly 9.
Nine hours.
That's a long time.
That does include a pit stop in Salt Lake at Mike's parents house,
but still, Nine Hours.

How'd we fair?
Well, after about six hours of driving I whipped out the old camera
so you could all relive it with us, your welcome.

First of all, meet the best driving companion ever.
And by companion I mean guy across the road.
Yes, it is a slow go traveling with him-
but, seriously, I love the snow plow guys.
Here's to you, Snow Plow Man!
Thanks for hitting the roads and blazing a trail.

Bored, any one?
Well, besides me. Who decided to start taking self portraits.

Let's just check why don't we.

Adam? Nope.
Had his nose DEEP into the Hunger Games the whole drive.
p.s. If you haven't read that's mighty good and intense.

Grant? Nope.
Made himself a Cheerio quarry with his jacket and beloved tractors.

Girls? Okay, maybe marginally.
Plenty of snacks, movies and drawing kept them somewhat entertained.

We drove home through a fair amount of this...
Slightly treacherous?

Detoured the kids from anything else from time to time?

Couldabeen, however...

Not so much with this guy behind the wheel.
Nicely done, Mikey.
Nicely done.

So, here we are 2010.
The kiddos all back in school and life returning to whatever normal is.

I'm gonna go ahead and say after 2009 I'm excited to see what 2010 has in store for us.
Bring it on, Baby.
Farmgirl's got her game on.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still there???

It feels like quite a while since I have been in the blogging swing of things.
Want to know why?

Here's the thing:
(Okay, let's be honest, it's more than one thing...don't forget who's talking here.)

Reason #1
~I have thoroughly enjoyed the kid's break from school.

During Christmas break and Spring break I have no motivation to get us into any sort of schedule, and I like it that way.
It's just sort of a free for all.
Which, I can handle for a short amount of time.
Grant has turned over a new leaf.
Instead of coming into our room and whining at 5 am for a drink of milk and a tractor movie,
he comes in a 5 am and climbs in next to me and falls back to sleep.
Soooo much better.
I am a girl that slept until 7:45 yesterday.
Woo Hoo!!

Reason #2
~Having no real schedule means that:

In my head, I (at some point during the day) will find time to read, blog or possibly even nap.
In reality, we have breakfast late, halfheartedly do chores, and spend the day just hanging out.
Because, while I am okay with the no schedule, and even okay with cleaning around children, I still think my house should be pulled together.
And since that never really comes to pass, I never sit down to blog (or read.or nap).
The thing I fail to take into consideration is that while my children, and multiple other children, are here all day MY HOUSE WILL NEVER BE CLEAN.
So, what have we learned here, kiddies?
During Christmas and Spring break-
Don't even bother.
Just relax.
Blog, read, and nap to your hearts content.

Reason #3
~The plethora of pictures I have were trapped in my camera.

Yes, trapped.
I have many pictures and lovely commentary.
They were trapped because, shocker!, the cord thingy is lost.
Why don't you just use the card reader on your computer?, you ask.
That's broken.
So there's the dilemma.
Who came up with a solution????
That would be me.
Let's take a moment to remember this momentous occasion, shall we?
I put the card in the printer!
I know, I'm such a genus sometimes I surprise myself.
You know what this means, right?
I'm gonna be back to my good ol' blogging self next week.
With pictures and every thing.
Does it get any more exciting than this?

Probably not.

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