Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's for Dinner.

It's dinner time once again in the farmgirl household.
What's for dinner?
Well, that would be leftovers.
Me fears me family is going to unite and protest.
I'm in a super big rut.
Super Big.
The hubster got a panini press for Christmas and while we do love it dearly,
possibly after 25 days someone would like something different.
Ya think?
So, give it to me Peeps...
What's for dinner???
I need them.

unfortunately, even I can't count dessert
for dinner.
Well, night every night anyway.
because, if i could...
then i would be set,
because we have had a
wide variety of those.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I know For Sure.

  • I am a cold blooded creature. And not a fan of it. I hate being cold.
  • Even though I am the Treatmiester, (truly-it's a gift) it doesn't mean I should make brownies every other day. I blame today's pan on PMS.
  • I have beautiful children. Really, inside and out. I love them.
  • Cleaning is the fastest pick-me-up I know, almost always brightens my spirits.
  • Elsie sings away 97% of her waking hours at home. I am not kidding. I think it's adorable and wish I had the gift of happiness and overflowing, abounding love that she does.
  • Ironing does next to nothing for me. Perhaps if I did it more than bi-annually I would appreciate it more.
  • I'm a good mom.
  • Perspective is priceless. There is no way I could appreciate where I am if I hadn't been where I've been.
  • I really, truly can survive on next to nothing. And I'm pretty proud of me and my brood for doing what we've done.
  • Fruit and dessert should rarely mix. Fruit is fruit and dessert is dessert. There are exceptions.
  • I am looking forward to the future. It feels as though change is on the horizon.
  • Running is really good for me.
  • I am never alone. Not just literally, because- yes- I am generally surrounded by my minions, but really, I know that my Heavenly Father loves me.
  • Sleep is vital to my well being. I should wear a sign around my neck that reads: For Happiness-Keep Me Well Rested.
  • If you think you can't do something, you are probably wrong. If you think that there's no way you could manage and you are put in the situation anyway, you will live. When the choice is sink or swim, I think we're pretty much all swimmers.
  • I am swimming more gracefully these days. Feels nice.

Monday, January 10, 2011


So, I made brownies tonight for Family Home Evening treat.
I haven't made brownies for quite sometime.
What with the whole Christmas chocolates and mounds of neighborhood goodies around, there has been no need.
Cuz, we all KNOW that we certainly aren't treatless much around these parts.
Nothing special, just the old favorite standby recipe I've used for years.

My question to you is this...
Why am I so darn good at making brownies?

I just cut into them,
(because-you know-i need to test them to make sure they are fit for the rest of the family. nobody's going down due to brownie poisoning on my watch! i'm just really good at sacrificing like that.)

and friends, let me just tell you, my timing was perfect.

Cool enough so as to not burn one's tongue and fall completely to pieces and warm enough to still enjoy that warm melted chocolate chip, chocolate-y goodness.


I have a gift.

Really, it's a blessing and a curse.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There and Back again. A farmgirl's tale.

This is the story of how we all very nearly lost our dear old friend, farmgirl.
She had a brush with the nasty of the nastiest, that mean old monster, depression.
Farmgirl has always prided herself on being able to find the funny and some sort of joy in all the journeys life has taken her on.
The last two years life has taken her on a journey that has worn and frazzled her right to the bone.
Farmgirl's not afraid of living tight. She's not afraid of hard work. She's not afraid of buckling down and just making things work. She's good like that.
The 2009-2010 school year was a tough one, it beat her up pretty badly, at the end of the 2010 school year she fled to Idaho, home, back to the farm and the roots that make her strong, and hid for the summer.
She worked on all her farmgirlness and came back fighting. She was ready to take on the world again.
Only, it didn't last. Not as long as she was hoping it would.
By October-ish she was starting to fade again. How could this be?
There's no easy escape in the middle of the school year.
And that's when the nasty of the nastiest started to creep into her life.
Let's be honest, he had been creeping for a long, long time. But, he finally saw his moment.
You won't make it, he said.
Why try?, he said.
Things will never change, he said.
And she began to listen.
She could feel herself closing down, bit by tiny bit.
Thanksgiving time, and she was struggling to hold it together.
December came.
Things that have always brought her copious amounts of joy, brought her little.
December was a remarkably hard month.
She kept going through the motions of what a normal farmgirl might do, but she felt as though her little farmgirl heart had been squooshed.
There was no joy in Mudville, Mighty farmgirl had struck out.
Until one day, a particularly hard, sad day, a day she cried her eyes out to her dear old hubby, she cried and she cried, all the afternoon she cried, she cried the evening away and into the night she poured all her heartache and worry out to him, told him of how she wanted to avoid so much of her life and most everything in it.
She told him of her visit from the mean old monster, depression.
And you know what? He listened. He heard her. He got it.
Some how, some way he said what needed to be said, said what needed to be heard.
After another week or so she started to have glimpses of the happiness she once knew.
For a few moments a day she would feel like her old farmgirl self again, really like she was her, and not just pretending to be her, like she had been for weeks and weeks.
And now, my friends, after a much too long absence, I am happy to report that she is starting day three of that full time farmgirl feeling.
And it's nice.

She is not fool enough to think that her battle with the nastiness is over, but she is a fighter.
She is a survivor and she will make it.

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