Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And then there were none....

School started just over a week ago for the kiddos.  
So far everyone is happy and enjoying the new school year...including me.

 I LoVe this pic of my punks.
They are really a good looking bunch.

 Adam is a Senior.

 Audz is a Sophmore.

 Goose is in 8th Grade.

 Elsie-Girl is in 5th Grade.

Grant Delish is in 1st Grade.

And then there were none....
All my kiddos are in school all day.
And I'm not exactly as excited about it as I thought I would be.
Except on Friday's, when they are all out of school...
then it seems really great that they are all gone Monday-Thursday.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can I get a Howdy?!?


Wow!  Do I even remember how to blog??  Umm...Yes.  Yes, I do. 

I would like to start the list of excuses with the fact that our lovely computer came down with a terrible virus.  My new (in addition to my old) job's IT guy came to check it out and told me how special we are because he only sees viruses like that one once or twice a year.  Awesome.  (Yes, btw I have a new job. Long story short I'm doing some medical billing stuff.)
Sooo...we had to factory restore our trusty old computer, which took forever.  Did I say forever?  Because I meant FOREVER.
That's excuse #1.

Excuse camera.  My punks love to make movies and take crazy pictures and all that great stuff that entertains them for hours on end. The downfall??...they are really hard on stuff.  I call them little consumers for a reason.  Granted, the camera was quite old, but it still worked.  Sort of.  The bright side??....Lucy got a little video camera for her bday.  Unfortunately this was after the little punks consumed my camera.  Let's face it, blogging is more fun with pics.

Excuse #3-'s summer for crying out loud.  Where, oh where did my summer time go?  Oh where, oh where did it go???  With it's days so long and it's nights so cool, oh where, oh where did it go??  Seriously.  Don't know.  I was busy.  But, for reals, it went by in a blink.  A blink!

And here we are just 4 short days until the kiddies go back to school.  FOUR DAYS.  Four days and all my little chick-a-dees are off on the grand, blissful adventure called school.

Tonight was 'Back to School' for Elsie and Grant.  I kinda like the way they do back to school here in Good Ole P-town.  The kids bring all their school supplies, meet their teacher, check out the classroom and get settled in.  On the way uptown the kids were talking about their new teachers.  Elsie decided they should play a game called "Guess what your teacher looks like".  She went first.

She thought her teacher would have blonde hair, be medium height and be middle-aged.
Grant thought his teacher would have dirty blonde hair (dirty, dirty blonde hair), be medium height and be almost full-aged.
Which begged the question from me...what exactly is full-aged? He told me his teacher last year (who btw was fresh out of college and looked to be about 14 years of age) was juussst about middle-aged.  I then asked what I was, if this young little filly of a teacher is almost full-aged I must be like...ancient, right?  He and Elsie explained to me that I wasn't all the way full-aged yet, but that I was close.  And the crazy thing is Elsie just chimed right in like this is a term used in everyday life????  They are so weird.

Well, tonight is the much anticipated 'Cousin Sleepover End of Summer Grand Adventure'.  It includes shenanigans such as Wild Race Car Driving, Sunset Watching, Tramp Sleeping (for the boys) and Hammock Sleeping (for the girls).  Please bless that they will eventually pass out....hopefully before the crack of dawn.

Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth.
Party on Peeps.

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