Thursday, July 12, 2012

Idaho's Stonehenge

Second crop hay- cut, raked, bailed, stacked and ready to be loaded and taken to the hay shed.
I love the way it looks in the field like this, it doesn't last long (like a day)--but I love it.

Just in case anyone is wondering...
You should know that summer is kinda kickin' my trash.

Sometimes I self medicate with lots of projects and hard work and other times I self medicate with warm brownies and cold milk.
It's about 60/40 right now.

Seriously, what's my deal?  Am I too busy?  Am I not busy enough?  Are my kids not busy enough?  Are we all just wound a little too tight?

Summer chores are killing me.  And it's a slow and incredibly painful death.
You know my summer philosophy, "Summer is a continual lowering of my cleanliness standards" and I have added "...until I drown in my own houseful of disgustingness, or they go back to school--which ever comes first."
It's not SO horrible, they do try (well some do...sometimes) but -let's face it folks- I'm a control freak when it comes to my house.  I just like it done my way.  Is that so terrible?  It should speak volumes of the love I have for my children that I am willing to give them the opportunity to learn to clean and to work, even though it makes me want to pull my hair out.
I love them just that much.  So much that I am willing to make them redo a job, more than once.  So much that I am willing to listen to them whine about doing their chores.  So much that I am willing to put up with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  So much that I am willing to nag them until they do it.  So much that I am willing to not kick them all out of the house and do it all myself.  That's a lot of love, my friends.  A Lot.

And here's another question...Where exactly in the sand is the line drawn Bad Parenting wise?  Is it when you are just thinking that you should smack your teenager upside the head or is it when you actually do it?  I haven't done that, but there are moments when I think it seems like a fairly sound decision.
Please, someone tell me it's a phase!  That they are both phases--me wanting to smck them upside the head and them acting like a total dork deserving of a head smacking.  Where is the sweet person I carried for nine months and birthed from my body?  When did this alien negative being come into my life?  And more importantly, when are they leaving and my kid is coming back?

Okay, enough venting for now.

On a happier note:

I finally found a walking/running partner, which means I finally found a friend.  Two actually...sure, one of them is an oldie moldie friend living with her folks this summer whilst she's in the middle of a move across the country but beggars can't be choosers.  And I'm just happy to have some peeps to talk to that don't live an entire state (or two) away.

Vehicular drama is over.  We found and purchased a suburban.  We looked and looked and looked and found a great deal and had enough money left over to fix all the troubles with the truck.  And 'The Monica' has a smaller engine so it gets better gas mileage than the Beast did.  Win/Win

Hope summer is treating you well.
Peace out.

*post script *
*afternoon 7-13*
the teenage crabby-pants
is redeeming their
little teenage self.
and it's nice.

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