Saturday, October 29, 2011


Time for another addition of
WWMD ....What Would MacGyver Do?

I had a few dilemmas to deal with, but when we look deep down inside and ask ourselves
What Would MacGyver Do?

we can almost always find an answer!!
So here we go:

Dilemma #1
About a month ago we had a mother-daughter party to attend. Attendees were assigned either an appetizer or a dessert to bring and share. We were assigned an appetizer. I KNOW all my St. G peeps are as shocked about that as I was. Clearly, people up here don't know me well enough yet. Listen, I have nothing against the world of appetizers, quite enjoy them actually, BUT if there is ever a choice between appetizer and dessert.....ALWAYS give me dessert. It's my specialty. Not only do love making them, I generally always have the ingredients on hand to make something. Appetizers, not so much.
So, here's the dilemma: I need to make an appetizer and I am NOT going to the store and I do NOT know what to fix.

So I asked myself,
What Would MacGyver Do?
MacGyver would look around and figure something out using something he already had.
And that's what I did.
I give you WWMD exhibit A:

Made from all things wonderful that I already had on hand. Tomatoes and basil from my garden and homemade french bread made into bagget sized loaves. It was a big hit. Go Me!

Dilemma #2:
Dilemma #2 is a bit more of a story, so make yourselves comfortable....we all know how I feel about being organsized (I'm for it) and we all know how I feel about clutter and messes (I'm against it) and we all know how I feel about the old pioneer spirit 'use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without' (I'm for it).

Part 1 of the story: We visited Mike's brother a while back and he was getting rid of a DVD shelf and asked if we wanted it. Me being me, I said sure. I figured I could fit it in the family room and make good use of it. Not so much, there really wasn't a good place for it so it was just sort of hanging out downstairs doing nothing.

Hold that thought.

Part 2 of the story: Within a month or so of moving up here I had pretty much unpacked all the things we use on a regular basis. Except my shoes. My shoes were a big problem. They were in a big old box sitting in the closet. How convenient. Every Sunday morning you could find me shoulder deep in the box searching for church shoes. I knew what the problem was- I had no where to put my shoes and the mess and disorgansization was making me crazy! And I knew what the solution was, I needed a shoe shelf. Well, times being what they are there was really no way I was going to purchase one. I knew Mike could make me one, but it would be really low on the priority list.

So I asked myself,
What Would MacGyver Do?
MacGyver would look around and figure something out using something he already had.
And that's what I did.

I give you WWMD exhibit B:
A DVD shoe shelf

Okay, so maybe it's a teeny bit weird
and maybe in a perfect world
I would do something different.
But guess what? I DON'T LIVE THERE.
I live here, in the world where I am delighted
to just have something to put my shoes on.

Pretty smart, huh? Sometimes I amaze myself.
WWMD, it's a good thing.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sometimes dreams really do come true.
Like when you are five and have waited all summer to do corn, and the day finally arrives.

It's a good day.

I love corn chopping time, always have.
There's just something about getting the corn in--
it marks the end of the summer craziness, it's the beginning of fall.
The seasons are beginning to change and so is the pace,
it feels nice.
We haven't been here to experience it for many, many moons.
In fact, I don't think any of my kids have ever been here for it.

So, for those of you non-farm people let's have a little corn tutorial--shall we?

Here's the deal:

It takes a fair amount of man power to get this done.

And when I say man power I don't just mean the adults.
It also involves the minions.
Here's some of the junior work crew.

Every one had at least one kid with them AT ALL TIMES.
And it can be exhausting work,
just ask Howard's little lady, Mya.

Nothing says comfort like a nap in a bumpy truck
with your head resting on a bucket!

So, once you have the workers in training all lined up....

The corn
(it's called field corn-not sweet corn. sweet corn is people food, field corn is cow food.)
needs to be chopped up and hauled to the corn pit where it is stored and fed to the cows during the winter.

You need someone driving the chopper that is hooked up to the tractor.
My brother Richard was the chopper driver this year.

My dad is usually the chopper driver.
This year he was in the middle of getting 2 new knees.
I figure this was probably the first time since his mission that he wasn't out driving the tractor during corn.
But, we did set him up a spot outside to watch the action.

He kept an eye on things.

So, you have the chopper.
Then you need a dump truck to follow the chopper and catch the corn.

Like this.

Well, two dump trucks really.

One in the field filling up while the other one is driving to the pit to empty it's load.

This was my job back in the day. I love driving the corn truck.
This year our truck drivers were mostly Mike and my brother Howard.

Next is the pit.
The pit is where I always remember my grandpa being.
He worked the tractor on the pit.
Now it's my brother David's domain.
He is the Pit Man.

So the Pit Man moves the corn around and drives back and forth and back and forth over it to smoosh it down so it will all fit in the pit.
It gets really, really high.

See that?
That's the tractor coming up over the top of the barn.
High, I tell ya.

That's all there is to it.
Just chop, load, unload, move it around and smoosh it down in the pit.
Easy Peasy.
Well, maybe not so easy peasy.
I suppose in theory it is, but there's always break downs and it's not fast work.
It takes about a week to get it done.
Maybe that's why it's so fun to get it done,
because it is such a big job.

I must of offered at least 20 times to drive the truck.
I felt like the benched kid in baseball,
"I can do it Coach. Send me in! C'mon, I know I can do it!"

Alas, they had enough drivers
and my mad driving skills were not in high demand.
But, wait!!
Who is that...?

Who is driving that dump truck with the greatest of ease?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's farmgirl!

My brothers, Howard and Richard, had to go back to their regular jobs.
Mike took over the chopping and I took over the truck.
At the bottom of the 9th inning I was put in the game.
Literally, we only had about half a field left.
I was just happy to do it.

Yup, I still like it.

Corn time, it's a good thing.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


For some time now--like since I moved, even longer than that actually, more like for nigh unto 3 years-- I have been telling myself that this isn't my 'normal life', my life isn't always like "this".

"This" meaning: so crazy, stressed-ish, financially strapped (strapped like in a straight jacket that's 2 sizes too small strapped), my house not clean the way I like it, just down right so chaotic feeling at times that I can't seem to remember even the simplest of things.

It has gotten to the point that I wonder, was my life ever actually the way I thought it was? Was my house really that clean? Did I really remember stuff for more than 30 seconds? Did I ever really have a dollar to spare? Did I really make time to read a book? Or call my friends and sisters?

And you know what I've decided?
Maybe it was. Maybe that was my normal life, but it's not now.
But it just doesn't really matter now, now does it?

Maybe now I'm the girl who has to write everything down. Maybe I'm the girl who will be remembered as the frugal queen. Maybe I'm the girl who doesn't get the 'dream clean' done as often as she would like. Maybe I'm the friend and sister that doesn't chat as often as she would love to.

And that's okay.

Maybe I'm the girl who's happy anyway. Maybe I'm the girl who may struggle from time to time, but ends the day with a smile on her face.

Time to stop worrying about that 'golden ticket', about what was and what might have been and get on living (and lovin') the life I have.
Cuz really, it's a pretty good one.
After all, I am 'knee deep and lovin' it', right?

Here's to the 'New Normal'!

I'm gonna rock the 'New Normal'.
Just watch me.

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