Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break laundry epiphany.

Facts you need to know...
1- It's late so this will be short and to the point.
2- Currently there are 10 people living in my house. (long story, tell you later)
3- Two of those people are my cute little nephews that were only planning to stay one, maybe two nights.
4- The punks are on spring break this week and I am not, therefore I am gone the majority of the day.

So, here's the deal...Porter and William only brought clothes for a couple of days.  Do they just live through the field and could I go sneak into their house and  pick up some more clothes?  Yes.  Have I done that?  No.  Do these kiddos play super hard and dirty all the live long day?  Yes.  Do their clothes show it?  Yes.  Is it necessary to put on clean clothes every morning?  Yes...especially when the creek bed, corn pit and mud puddle are your play ground.

Every night I have been throwing in a load of laundry basically containing the days play and work clothes...and voila my laundry is way easier.  I am seriously considering hiding all of my children's clothes (minus two outfits) over the summer.

It's survival 101.
And we all know Spring Break is just a precursor to summer....a little bit of a reminder of what is very shortly coming.

Good thing I love the little punks.
Thanks Life, for throwing me a curve ball and teaching me a little something at the same time.
Your good at that.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Day.

Here's the deal-E-o, I really do have a lot to chat about.
Here's the problem...I have no time.
Well, I do have time.  Everyone has time for crying out loud!
The past couple of weeks my time has been sucked up by me not feeling so great.
Gotta love a good head cold, right?
And my time has been sucked up by me working a longer shift.
Gotta love a bigger paycheck, right?
Today I am feeling much better, so much better that I spent the entire afternoon
being domestic.
Gotta love cleaning, laundry,errands, laundry, sweeping, laundry, mopping, laundry, brownie baking, laundry...
did I mention laundry?  That's my super duper favorite.
And now, dear friends, I have burned up my afternoon so much so that I am T-minus 4 minutes to the punks getting off the Big Yellow Ticket to Solitude.
But I do have a lot to talk about.
Maybe since I was such a good little hard worker today I'll have more time tomorrow.
Ha!  HaHa!!  I'm so funny.  Did you catch that??  I think I might have more time tomorrow.
Silly, silly farmgirl.

Peace Out, Peeps.

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