Sunday, November 29, 2009

Idaho Welcomes....ME!

Hi-dee Ho from the Gem State.
Just hanging out enjoying the calm before the chocolate storm that will be touching down here tomorrow morning.

Oooooo I love me some chocolate fun!
Me Mum and I will be starting the week out,
but before it is through all of my sisters will be here.
THIS is unprecedented, Folks.

The only thing that can improve on chocolate week is sharing it with my sistas.
I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking the Nelson booty walk might make an appearance.
I have decided to make it my own special priority to be on quality control.
That's me....always willing to take one for the team.
I'm good like that.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls.

Getting the Christmas stuff out always involves a certain amount of sorting and organizing of all the stuff that accumulates itself in nice little piles throughout my house.
I kinda like that part- shocker, I know.
Any hoo, I decided to get all the Holiday Decor out early this year since I will be AWOL the first week of December.
I came across a bunch of papers that needed to be filed, mixed in with those I found a treasure.

Side Note:
Should we talk for a moment about things we are grateful for?
Tis the season, right?
All righty, then...
I am so grateful I have girls, I am so happy they have each other and that they were born Boom, Boom and Boom.
Three in a row...couldn't have planned it better myself.

Back to my find.
I remember seeing this paper a loonngg time ago and sticking it aside knowing it was a keeper.
Here you go blogging world--

How to Be A Drawing Princess List
(written by Lucy.
composed by three sweet girls.

And because I'm wondering if you all will be able to read it, I'll transcribe below.

1. Do a curtsy right.
2. Speak with kind words.
3. Don't throw stuff.
4. No shouting.
5. Must know her tones.
6. Must be able to balance 5 books.
7. Chew with mouth closed.
8. Don't talk with mouth full of food.
9. Eat with your fork.
10. No elbows on the table.
11. Don't lick your lips.
12. Must know how to draw a straight line.
13. Say please and thank you.
14. No gulping loud.
15. Must know how to skate.
16. Must know how to do ballet.
17. Must brush hair every morning.
18. Must bath every night.
19. No saying stuff like "Ukk"
20. No showing your privates to other people.
21. Must know karate.
22. No kicking any one on purpose.
23. No hitting any one on purpose.
24. No screaming.
25. Wear pretty dresses.
26. Follow instructions always.

There you are.
It's a rough life, lot's to remember and all.
How to live the Princess life, or any life really...
Good stuff.
I love these little people.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

One week ago...

I was spending some quality time with
Me Mum.
We were doing a chocolate demo for Super Saturday.
It was so much fun.
She is a really nice lady.
She took time out of her busy life to...
-Make all the delicious chocolates you see there on the table.
(there was a lot)
-Spent a day shopping to get all the ingredients to make all the
delicious chocolates you see there on the table.
-Came all the way down here from Home Sweet Home (Preston)
to do the demonstration with me.
-She let me go with her to get all of her grand kid Christmas shopping done
during her visit.
(it's always fun to help someone else spend money)
What a Gal!!

One week from today....

I will be in Preston ready to start a furry a chocolate making magic happen.
Can't wait!
I haven't been home to do chocolates in over ten years.
This'll be grrreat!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome, Guest Blogger.

A plane ride

Hello people.
Usually I am reading the post, not writing it.
But not today. Today I am "borrowing" my mothers blog.
But that is because of numerous reasons. Reasons being...
1. ya just gotta carry on that talent.
2. I am a farm girls daughter it is in my nature.
3. today I had the most amazing experience.
O.k. so I bet you are just dying to hear what happened.
So here it is.
Today Brooke Duvall and her dad took me flying.
Like in a plane!
In the sky!
Off the ground!
O.k. so, we arrived at the air port. Brooke showed me this plane.

We were about ready to take to the sky's.
(I was all ready a little sky sick!)

I could see my house!

Can you find yours?
(good luck!)

P.S. for those of you who have not already figured it out.
This is Audrey!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Challenge. To myself.

Life's road has been, well....a bit bumpy of late.
Life's road is supposed to be bumpy.
I'm okay with bumps.
I am Farmgirl, after all. I do tough things really well.

You know, I look at life as a down-scalator. There is no standing still. You are either moving forward or you are moving backward.
You choose.

Over the last few months I have felt like I have needed to continually raise the bar in order to keep getting the help I am sorely in need of.
That's a good thing.
Raising the bar is a good thing.
So, the latest and greatest is to take on something I have always struggled with...scripture reading.

The challenge? Read the Book of Mormon by my birthday, February 8th.
I started last week and I am already into Second Nephi.
Good, right?

There ya go.
If anyone wants to go ahead and jump on this here band wagon, feel free.
It should be a great ride.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Rundown.

*Disclaimer: This was a weird Halloween week for me.
I haven't been on my game of late.

First things first.
Carving Pumpkins.
This is normally the Family Home Evening before the big Spook-Day tradition.
Some how this year I just didn't see this one coming. Didn't even have pumpkins purchased last Monday. A quick trip to our trusty neighborhood grocer and that was taken care off.
I should throw in that carving pumpkins rivals Christmas tree light stringing in Mike's book of 'fun things to do'.
He is, how ever, the only one the kids want to help them with their pumpkins.
And, with a little bit of fore warning, he is a pretty darn good sport about it.
This year it was a two day event. Drawing faces on Monday. Cleaning out and carving on Tuesday.P.S.
It was crazy hair day at the elementary. Lucy and Elsie went all out.

They were all happy with the end result. That made me happy.
Yes, Adam's is a Led Zeplin jack-o-lantern.
Ya, I didn't get a picture until today so they are sorta caving in.
Toldcha I'm off.

No group-kid pictures this year, what's up with that? I always line them up on the front porch.
What can I say? I'm off.
Grant. A skeleton. Again.
Good thing he looks so cute in it.
This boy DID NOT want to wear a costume.
At. All.
We talked of many an option. Not interested.
Finally, a desperate call to Stace on Friday, one pair of Skeleton jammies later and we called it good. FYI he is sitting next to the 'handing out' bowl (pre-trick or treating).
Got right on the sugar high, that one did.

Pirate Elsie.
Don't ye be thinkin' O takin' me booty, Matey!

All right, Lucy gets two pictures. Her costume cracked me up. She decided she wanted to be a Granny. She was hilarious!
Ahhh, Goose.

Audrey was a vampire.
I love 5$ finds at the D.I. and she loved the dress.
I'm not gonna lie, the older this girl gets the more I fear for her dates when they meet her very protective father.

Adam didn't end up dressing up this year.
The neighborhood party was Friday, they had already made plans to go paint balling.
Saturday they had a party=no costumes=no trick or treating.
He and his buddies had a lovely idea though...
Maybe next year.
Adam did make time to take Grant trick or treating, what a good big brother.
In Grant's words, his "Best Brother".
I know, competition is slim.

One Sunday afternoon nap for Mom and Dad, which resulted in no parental supervision, which resulted in a major candy swap meet for the kiddies, which resulted in an all out candy consumption smorgasbord and almost all the candy is gone.
Sounds good to me.

There you have it. Halloween rundown.
Done and Done.

By the By can you all believe I have been at this whole blogging thing for a year now?
Weird, huh?
Who'da thunk it?

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