Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear St. George,

Just thought I would drop you a post from my super fun vacay. Things here are great. We have traded Farm Town, USA (aka Preston) for Rexburg--home of BYU Idaho; sporting it's lovely botanical gardens-located on campus-in full bloom...

Even Grant enjoyed the view, well sort of. (If by 'enjoy' you mean tolerated staying in the stroller whilst Molly and I tried to keep up with the rest of the chitlen's--then yes, he enjoyed it immensely.)

Also home of the spectacular Mesa Falls. (If by 'home' you mean about an hour drive north of Rexburg, then yes- home.)

Yes, I am minus one of my punks. Adam is at home with his Padre.

Molly and her brood.

Now, my darling St. George...there is something I need to say to you. You are hot. You are really hot. In recent years you have provided us with much appreciated splash pads, where fun was had by all. While I do love these little gems, I need you to know that Rexburg (where there is snow eight months of the year) knows how to do a water park up right. Rexburg is also the home of the Greatest Water Park Ever.

See how my St. George Baby is nearly freezing to death? While her sweet cousin, Charlotte, is having the time of her life. Wouldn't something like this make more sense where it is hotter than hades?

St. George, I hate to break it to you...but they also have a carousel at this park. Step it up, Man.

Complete with cotton candy!! Oh, you have your work cut out for you, my friend.

Last, but certainly not least, Rexburg is home to her: My dear old sister, Molly Dee.

I know, we are practically twins. Only separated by 19 months, 9 inches and opposite hair color.

This is my last day here, then back to the farm for a couple more fun filled days (and to rock star one more running event with Amanda) and I will be coming back to you. I miss you, St. George. Hang tight, I know it has been a long time since I have graced your presense. How have you managed without me? No worries, just a few more days--your girl is coming home...


Farmgirl. :o)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanna know what crazy people do for fun?

They run the Wasatch Back.

Here is our whole team at the finish line. It was really wet!

Here's me and my crazy Van #2 load---(left to right) Jason, Joyce, my sister Amanda, Me, my brother Jonathan, and my cousin Catherine. I *heart* my van buddies.

So, Amanda (who is currently a stay at home....person) has a lot of time on her hands. She decided to make the two of us shirts. Our team name is We Need More Cowbell, from a hilarious SNL skit-if you haven't seen it, Utube it. My shirt says, "I need more cowbell. Act like a cow. Be dumb. Just run." and hers says, "I've got a fever and the only perscription is more cowbell."

Our final leg shirts were fantastic. Unfortunatly, it was so wet we only wore them to run one really got to see them. Oh well, they were still awesome. I think my favorite thing about our shirts is that she made them out of wife beaters.

So...this is what happens at about 1 a.m. when you are in a van and need to stretch--you improvise. Our van started running around ten (that's me...I was the first runner in our van.) and didn't finish until about four in the morning. Who does that??? Who thinks, Hey I know what will be fun...let's get 12 people together-two van loads, and run 188 miles, from Logan to Park City- we'll start in the morning and run all through the night and into the next day! Crazy People. That's who.

Here's a pic of me in all my running glory. This is at the end of my last and longest leg. felt so good. Ya, it's a little blury, I know-that's cuz I run like the wind blows. ;o)

Really though, one of the best things was doing this with these two. Many thanks to that wacky gal-my little sis, Amanda, for putting this together. And to Jonathan for jumping on the family band wagon.

I could blab on all night about all the gritty details of this amazing experience, but I would never do it justice. If you are a runner-or a wanna be runner-and ever have the opportunity to be a part of this event....DO IT! It was an experience I will never forget. And just in case my memory starts to fade a little over time, I am already planning on doing it again next year. :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What's the only thing better than being here? *Total side note*
For the record, we are counting our blessings this little stink is still alive and kicking.
Keeping up with him is going to do me in!
Seriously. He has:
Eaten ice cream with a 7 inch knife, cut his hands up with his dad's razor, consumed about 15 melatonin pills (yes, a call was made to posion control. Good news, kids can take A LOT of the stuff and not die), not to mention his absolute obsession with the tractors and all things farm related--he bolts when ever the opportunity arises.

*Another side note*
My mom was not all that excited for me to post this picture of the old grainery. But for me these old things hold many a fond memory. Molly and I used to take turns burying our dolls in the grain and then try to find them. Just in case you were wondering--this is where our Jesus doll meet a sad fate...we never did recovery him from the depths of the grain. Looking back I think we should count ourselves lucky no one had to recover us from the depths of the grain.

*Okay, One last side note*
Many a calf bucket was carried by me from this very barn. Countless numbers of kittens were cared for in the top of this barn. So many summer days I washed the barn out after the morning milking.
Isn't it great? Look at those beautiful mountains back there!

(At this point, do you even remember the question?
Let me help ya out: What's better than being here on the farm?...)
Throwing this guy into the mix.
What was going to be a long, drawn out separation for us ended up lasting a whole two and a half days. One of my brothers is building a house down the street and across the field from my parents, they are on the home stretch and decided to call in a relief pitcher...that would be my dear old Mikey.
Since things are a little slow in San Jorge right now he was able to come up and help Richard out. He is laying tile, grouting tile, hanging sheet rock and laying a wood floor.
Don'cha just love a handy, hard working man?
I know I do.
Stay tuned, more to come from Farmgirl's vacay adventures.
the wasatch back is only three days away!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friends, neighbors, countrymen....

This little ole Idaho Farmgirl is heading home.
I'm gonna be gone for quite a while--Lot's going on ya know:

-Wasatch Back next weekend. Woot Woot!! Can't wait, Baby!!
-Trip to Rexburg to visit me hermana, whose humble abode I have yet to see.
-Camping with me Madre. (apparently brushing up on my Spanish is also on the agenda)
-Soaking in all things that make

All this and more....
Good times will be had by all!
Catch you on the flip side, my peeps. :o)

Okay, so there is a small possibility I won't be able to stay away and I may just post from lands far away--I know, you can't live without me. ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My new best friend.

Warning: Sad story ahead. Don't be afraid -- it all works out in the end.

My real vacuum, my regular housewife vacuum, died many moons ago. I think I had something going on that particular night and called Mike in the midst of a hissy fit ranting about my vacuum troubles. He brought me home a vacuum from work and disaster was averted for the evening. He never took it back and I never sent it back so in my house it stayed.

Me and CV, ( short for commercial vacuum, that's what I liked to call the old gal) we had some good times together. She was a hard worker. She wasn't much to look at, but had a sweet cleaning spirit. A couple of weeks ago....(sniff--this is really hard for me)....she....well....she died. One of the kids plugged her in, pop and a spark, and she was gone. It was quick and painless, a good way to go. None of this dragging it out and limping her along. She gave me the best year of her life and I will always be grateful. Rest in peace, CV.

Times being what they are, I was unable to replace CV. This saddened me greatly. While I enlisted many a child to crawl around and pick up crumbs, it just wasn't the same. I even tried borrowing a vacuum, nope that wasn't the answer either. How can a gal like me get along without her vacuum side kick? She can't I tell you, she can't.

This problem had been plaguing me for days. My filthy floors were consuming my every thought. And then, as I was lying in bed last night the answer came to me like a flash of lighting. The Shop Vac. Of course!!!! Why hadn't I thought of that before?!? I have used her in the car for years and she has never let me down. After lugging the beast in from the garage I plugged her in and took her out for a spin. FAB-U-LOUS!
Such suction! Such motion! And that hose, my word the hose!

I am officially in love with the shop vac, I may never return to the land of regular vacuums again. One satisfied costumer right here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nelson Girl Trip

All right, folks, I wasn't fo sho going to blog this--BUT--Amanda put in such a lovely request/demand I felt compelled. My reasons for not posting, you ask??? Oh, I think you'll figure that out real quick.
Since I've been voted the girl trip blog spokes person and I have very little shame--here ya go.

The background: Nelson Girl Trip is an annual event. It takes place every spring. We do basically the same thing every year. Meet Friday morning, head to Park City for a FULL day of shopping/wandering/enjoying the fact we don't have to go home to any children , then do some very random shopping at Smiths Market Place on the way back to our hotel in Salt Lake, snack, play games and laugh really hard once we get back to our digs, Saturday we mix it up a little each year and hit some where different- this year it was Tai Pan and Gardener Village.

Here are my photog's:
Don't worry, I already know my camera is less than wonderful.
Lunch. We always go to the Baja Cantina in Park City. We always get lost on the way. We always sit at the same table. And generally order the same delish items off the menu. Unfortunately, we may be seeking out a new location next year. A few things changed this year...we drove straight to it (seriously, unprecedented!), we had to request our table (which did not make our waitress happy-she should consider how we felt. Good grief, we come here year after year and they don't remember where we are supposed to sit? What's up with that??), the food, while still tasty, was in much smaller amounts and not quite up to par.
And p.s. our friendly neighborhood waitress didn't take the group picture some stanger did--after I took all of these....

I was having self portrait issues.

Entertainment for the evening: Our Hands (apparently)

And, because I just didn't want to miss out on the picture, I thought I should try to be in it.

It didn't pan out all that well for me.
See what I mean...self portrait issues.

Would anyone with any shame post this picture of herself? Me thinks not.
I think I should offer a prize to anyone who can correctly guess how many chins I am sporting in the pic. I know Molly will be super excited to see this picture of herself as well. Gosh, maybe if she left a comment telling me not to post unflattering pictures of us I would stop doing it. ;o)

There is one other tradition I forgot to mention. The Nelson Booty Walk. It's legendary. It's amazing. It is performed in public annually. If you got it, flaunt it Baby.

What did I tell you? Absolutely.No.Shame.

In an effort to redeem myself, I wanted to leave you all with this.
A picture taken a few years back in the canyon. I thought you all should know, we are actually a pretty darn good looking, normal group of ladies--as long as you don't catch us during the Nelson Girl Trip. :o)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did I say school was out....?

My Bad.
In fact, it started this morning--
early this morning.
In my very own laundry room.
Mrs. Whiteboard runs a pretty tight ship!
She laid down the law real quick....

It would appear that summer session is also in for Older Brother Punk School.
This was his addition to "the rules":
they.are.such. dorks.

Not to mention having horrible handwriting, Mrs. Whiteboard could teach him a thing or two.
I think I may enroll him.

*All right, I thought this needed clarifying...I ran it past my proof reader(mike) and he said it was fine. I was right. He was wrong. It happens all the time.
Mrs. Whiteboard is Lucy. The girls were playing school- she had written the rules on the board--Adam walked past when they were taking a break and added his two cents to the rules. She meant detention for anyone who has a cell phone - He meant it for any one who doesn't.
Get it now? He is a dork, right?

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