Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Exactly what level of exhaustion have I reached when I read "Five little Monkeys" to one of the kids for a bed time story to in, silently---in my head? And don't realize I'm not reading aloud until I turn the first page and they say, "Hey, Mom! What are you doing?!?"

Monday, February 23, 2009

One 'Plain Girl' Comin' Up

Yet another messed up school week starts today. Short days all week and no school for the kindergartners Monday or Tuesday.
Are you asking yourself the same question I am...
exactly when do these kids just
I don't think Elsie realized that she didn't have school when I sent her in to get dressed this morning. She asked me what she should wear (weather wise) and I told her it was rainy---again!---but I didn't care what she wore.

This is what she came out in and announced to me that she was ready for the day and didn't want me to do anything with her hair because she wanted to look like a 'plain girl' today. Ex-squeeze me? Did you say 'plain girl'? I don't believe I am familiar with that term. What is a 'plain girl'?

Apparently the 'plain girl' wears boots, striped leggings, a leopard print skirt, a floral shirt and hair a' la 10 hours nestled in a pillow. Punky Brewster's got nothing on this fashion trend that Elsie is starting. It'll be all the rage real soon, I'm sure.
Hats off to me, she is still sporting her new look + bed head 'plain girl' hair-do. She did put a purple clip in the back of her hair so I guess I should give her some credit, right?
I am slightly curious as to what the 'crazily clad girl' might look like.
Maybe I should make a request for tomorrow...

And this little man...
is finally back to his normal crazy, busy, funny self after about five days of being a whiny, bawling, demanding, ornery little stink. He is exhausting either way, but I much prefer the cute mister I am accustomed to.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parenting Update.

Just thought I'd give a quick update as to the whole big, new, exciting implementing of previously discussed parenting tactics. The update is this--I pretty much stink at implementing big, new, exciting parenting tactics. About the only thing that has changed is my new found awareness of behavior that apparently I could possibly change if I were so inclined as to actually use the tools I have acquired.

I am still hoping to read the book with Mike and get him on board--it takes two to tango, right? Or parent as the case may be. I am, however, maintaining high expectations. I guess one could say I'm in the observatory state right now- just collecting all the data before I take the plunge in a new direction....yeah, yeah, that's right, that's what I'm doing-observing-and ~wow~ I'm pretty durn good at it.

In the meantime I will continue to listen the the huffing and puffing and fighting that one day may tear my house down. Good thing (for the most part) I'm a mellow mama.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I care...

I thought I would share some new found information that I acquired yesterday. First off, let me say that I consider myself a pretty decent parent. I have been blessed with some fab-o kids (even if I do say so myself) and I think my kid-raising skills aren't too shabby.

We have entered the realm of teenage-hood and, frankly, I worry about my kiddos. I have five of them, you know, and they are all going to go through this. The thing is, I remember being a teenager all too well and it-- well--it stinks!! I feel like I've got a handle on the toddler/little kid stuff. We still have our moments, but the little ones are just so sweet and so innocent it's hard to get all that bent out of shape with them. This, of course, is spoken by a cowgirl who has seen over thirteen years of rodeos. Perspective is Priceless. And I have no doubt it will continue to be so.

The thing that is getting me is I have one child who has had the mentality of a teenager most of her life and a teenager who is just now developing the teenager mentality. And it's not going to be stopping any time soon. Remember? Five children, here.

One of my sisters was visiting a few weeks ago and we were discussing the ups and downs the rocky roads the ins and outs of parenthood. She told me about a book she had come across that was really helpful to her. I took a mental note, but seeings how my mental note taking isn't what it used to be- that's about as far as I got with it. She then sent it in the mail to me, so thoughtful of her. I picked it up, looked it over, read a wee bit then put it down for a few weeks and didn't think much more about it. I ran across it again yesterday and read the whole thing. It was great.

The only other parenting helps I have ever payed any attention to are the Love and Logic stuff -which isn't bad, I think I was just ready for something new. This was a breath of fresh air to me. It really hit home. I hesitate to actually share the name because it seems just too...cheesey to be helpful. I asked Mike to read it and when I told him it was called 'Parenting With Love' by Glenn Latham he rolled his eyes. You see, here at chaos central we tend to add a little sarcasm to the mix and a book called 'Parenting with Love' is just asking to be crucified.

The principles and ideas he brings to the table are so insightful, too many to list here. I also found that the ideas would apply across the board -work for a three year old as well as a thirteen year old. I, for one, am excited about trying some of this stuff out.

Anywho, I wanted to share it with any one who might be looking for a new twist to the same old problems.
And -so help me- if all of you already know about this and neglected to share it with me I'm gonna be a little irritated.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Farmgirl's Big Day.

The rumors are true--I'm the big THREE FOUR.

All right, let's just talk about the picture right off the bat and get it out of the way. This is the one and only picture documenting my birthday. We, like most red blooded Americans, take traditional birthday pictures. One with the presents (before and after) and a few birthday cake shots. Birthday candles aflame and blowing the candles out.
Here's what I have going against me:
As much as I'm not a picture taker; Mike is like negative 10 that.
As for the cake pictures...well, let's just say that by the time that blessed event rolled around we were ready to be done being parents for the night. Not to mention that we had no candles in the house so it was a little anti-climactic.

Back to the picture- this is me with the gift Audrey gave me. She crafted (of course) my card and made a trip to the dollar store to buy me my very own....Glass Mary {ann}. She was so excited to have found a glass Mary and was only slightly disheartened that they didn't have one with dark hair. I am also sporting my birthday crown compliments of Goose. Lucy makes crowns and wands for every one on their birthday, I was not holding very still during my crown fitting- it ended up a little on the small side.

All in all my birthday was pretty swell. Despite the fact that we have 9:00 church, Mike and Adam leave early to set up chairs, I have three little lady's heads of hair to do, dinner to get in the oven and a two year old tornado running a muck, (it's amazing how much chaos can ensue all before 8:45 am) it was still a pretty swell day.

I played a little mind game with myself and took an "It's my birthday so where's my help? Shouldn't you people all be ambling around just looking for something to do that will make me happy?" attitude break. Truth be told I lowered my standards years ago. When it comes to Mothers Day and my birthday I try not to expect too much--these are just little people and a man who is clearly no mom--trying hard to step in, take over and make the best of giving me a day off. Life got a lot funner once I did that.

Between my early morning phone call from Robyn to check my blog and hers, all the face book and church well wishers, phone calls from my siblings through out the day, my family doing their darnedest to be nice, a tasty birthday cake made with love just for me and all the sweet visits and thoughtful gifts from my peeps it was a mighty fine day--thanks all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess who's Birthday it is?????

Swing by my blog for a little Birthday love.....leave a comment for the reasons you love Mary Ann!
~Robyn ( I love to take over her blog!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

confessions.... Of An Uncrafty Mother

It's time for the world to know that not only am I not all that crafty- actually the world already knows that- I do not actively encourage craftiness in my children.

I hate it when a project comes home from school that requires a group craft effort. One of Lucy's choices for her spelling word homework was to make a mobile with the words. She wanted help and I put if off until she finally just gave up and typed them six times on the computer instead. Sad. And so pathetic. But, really? Isn't typing a more useful life skill than making mobiles? That's what I am telling myself.

Elsie has a fairy box of magic craftiness she got for Christmas (from her cousin, it certainly didn't come from me). It really is so cute. She has been coloring and stickering and cutting and pasting her little heart out. I was loving it- until she needed some help making a fairy head band. The first line of the instructions reads: With the help of an adult...Ugghh, I guess that's me.

I don't mind the kids crafting--okay, really I do--I hate the mess, but I deal with it. While I don't necessarily encourage it I do pat myself on the back for being supportive of the pass time that baffles me. Heaven knows Audrey has enough supplies stashed away in her room to last through the millennium and we have an entire stack-able drawer system devoted solely to crafting junk.

My confession is this:
I am not a big fan of doing craft projects with my children. My name is Farmgirl and I'm an anti-craft-ite. There I said it. Shun me if you must, but the truth had to come out.

Having said that; if at any time any one wants to make cookies...I'm the mom for you!

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