Sunday, August 21, 2011

For reals.

I live in Idaho.
For reals.

School started last week in the St. G.
We are not there.
It's a little weird.

Even weirder than that is that all my chitlins are registered here.
Pretty strange strolling with Adam through the halls of PHS.
I don't know if I can properly convey how surreal it was to walk back into my elementary school to get Elsie all set.
My kids are in classes of my old teachers for crying out loud!
Everybody except Elsie- and she has my good old growing up buddy Anneke's mom for a teacher. (woohoo BTW)

For reals,
it just kinda weird.
In a good way weird.
It's actually been pretty fun having that "it's such a small world" feeling every where I go.
Every where in Preston that is.

But, when I do head down to the big city of Logan I find myself looking for my St. G peeps.
Weird, I know.
I keep thinking I should be running into someone in Walmart or Sam's Club (okay, i know it's costco down there, you get the point). I keep thinking I am spotting cars I know, looking for familiar faces behind the wheel.
It's a strange feeling.
Miss you, my St. G peeps.

And since it's late and I'm on a rambling roll....
The Top of Utah Half Marathon is less than a week away.
For Reals.
And I'm running in it.
For Reals.
I'm actually pretty excited about it.
I think it will be a really fun day.
I say "day" instead of "race" because I really am in it for fun.
To say I was "racing" would be stretching it a bit.

And so, with that I must say....
For Reals, I have one more week of training to do-
starting with a morning run tomorrow.
Fair thee well, my peeps, fair thee well.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goot Mor-gan!

Okay, I realize if you are not Robyn that title might not make any sense.
Once upon a life time ago, before summer descended upon us, Robyn and I used to talk most mornings after the kiddies were on their merry way to school. Our conversations usually started with a "Goot Mor-gan!" or "Good Morning".
There you go, we are all up to speed now.
So....I say to you--

Goot Mor-gan!!

The time has come, my friends, for me to spend a bit-o time telling you about my garden (and by 'garden' I mean things we have transplanted and that were already here that I haven't killed--good work Me).
We'll call this "Ode to Farmgirl's Garden", shall we?
Now, before we begin there are a few things you should remember.
*this is year numero uno. Some day me hopes to have a garden like unto my mother. It's gonna take some time and know how, but a girl can dream.
*once again pictures were taken after my morning run, so bare with the lighting weirdness.
And we're off....
Let's begin with what was already here:

Raspberry Bushes
I am aspiring to have berries like Natalie,
some day.
I hope.
Hers are AMAZING.
But, see?? Look, actual berries!
There good.

Lilac Bush
I love lilac bushes. They remind me of my grandma.
Kinda sad they only bloom once a year.
Didn't get a picture of it, but it was beautiful.

Some kind of Mint plant.
I don't remember what the name of it is,
but it's really pretty.

On to the transplants:

Me madre and I moved some plants down from her garden to mine.
They are doing so well!
The big ones in the front are cosmos.
Let's get right to my favorite flower.
There in the back on the right.

Let's go in for a closer look.

Aren't they pretty?
They bloom at dusk every night.

I love them.
I've noticed that I look a little scary in all the pics on the
old blog lately. Eh, well. I promise I do look slightly better than this on occasion.
...but it's rare.

Last but not least, the best transplant out there this morning...

This boy was out working on some tractor repairs bright and early.
Just keeping himself busy
whilst he was waiting for a ride in the real deal tractor.

Behold....his daily attire....
Shorts and cowboy boots.
It's a classy look.
You need to be adorable to really pull it off.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


So, I'm sure you've been wondering to your selves,
just what kind of shenanigans has that old Farmgirl been up to lately?
Well, I'll tell ya.
Stuff..and more stuff.
It's been a summer-o-fun.
How's about I give you the run down via a few pics?
All righty then, let's rumble!


A day that is part of the BIG Nelson Family Reunion.
By BIG I mean my aunts and uncles, cousins and cousins kiddos.
It's a lot of people.

If you were lucky enough to have grandparents
that had a farm and then an aunt and uncle took over that farm
and they opened it up to you
all summer any and every summer
and you had all sorts of great memories there,
wouldn't you want to bring your own kiddies back
there and share it with them too?
Ya, that's how my cousins feel too.

Farm Day includes things like:
Hay Rides
Feeding the calves.
And lots of visiting on the lawn
while you enjoy Chugs, Cheese and Aggie Ice Cream.
MmMmmm....Aggie Ice Cream.

This was the "slow year" for family camp.
The "off year", if you will.
Therefore, there was a whole lotta nuttin' going on.
Perfection if you ask me.

The girlies enjoying some otter-pops.

Grant in his "wheel chair".
Amanda and Wilson chillaxin.
The ladies doing some visiting.

We left family camp a day early.
Unheard of!
What could possible possess me to leave camp early?
Oh....just this lady here.
You know I love me some Anne when I am willing to post this
very scary picture of the two of us.
Good thing for us we are such natural beauties.
In our defense, that there's a picture of two pooped out ladies.
I'd been camping for 4 days and she was on the
tail end of her extended Idaho vacay.
It was morning, we'd been up visiting late into the night
and she was about 3 minutes from leaving.

During their very short visit we did make it out to
meet some calves.
And some cows.
Thanks for stopping by Jackmans.
Come on back any old time.

There you go.
A brief run down of some of the stuff.
There's more.
We'll get to that later.
Peace Out, Peeps.

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