Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Morning I Sent a tiny Piece of My Heart to Mexico.

The day came and the day went.  
Honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated.
Yes, I will miss him--I already do.
But what else would I choose for him? Nothing.
I am not in mourning, nor did I sob all the way home.
  My heart is too happy for that.
First of all, let me say it was EARLY.
Or late.
How ever you would like to look at 1:00 in the morning,
which is the time we woke the kids up to get ready to leave.
Adam's flight left at 6:15 so he needed to be at the airport at 4:15.

 I pretty much dressed this zombie while he was sleeping.
I know, why did I bother with pajamas in the first place?
Don't know.
Moving on.

 Here we are walking to the airport shuttle.

 I'm sorry, did I mention it was early??
We ended up waiting for the place to open so that he could check his luggage.

FYI This was my first moment of tearing up...
watching him standing there so ready to go.

After he checked his luggage we walked him down to security.
That's where we could go no further.

 So we visited for a few minutes more and then decided to take
some pictures.
Pictures weren't too bad either.
I was still holding it together quite well.

Look at how happy that boy is!  Oh, I just love him!!

 A very kind gentleman offered to take one last family picture for us.
He told me he had a missionary leaving in four months.
I told him Don't Blink.

And then hugging shenanigans started.  And it was pretty much all
over for me and holding it together.

  Adam and Grant.  
Or Goober as Grant is loving referred
to by his older brother.

 Adam and Elsie.
She made us all Valentines and saved candy from school
for each of us.  She had one for Adam too.
We'll have to send it to him when he gets to Arkansas.

 Adam and Goose.
This was a tough one.These two have a pretty special bond.

 They are best buds.

 Adam and Audrey.
Audrey was our photog for the morning and did a fabo job.
See, there I am crying watching all my kids
tell him good bye.

Adam and Mike.
That was one big bear hug.

 Adam and Me.
It was really hard.  Still makes me cry just looking at it.

I was trying to take in enough of him to last me for two years.
I kept telling him these are happy tears.

Ahhh, my first born.
I like him.

 And he's off.

We stayed and stood on tip toes to watch him go all 
the way through security.

After he got his suit coat back on and shoes on and 
put his bag back over his shoulder
he turned and gave us one last big smile and wave.

 And then he turned and headed up the escalator.
And that was it.

 I know I'm more than a little biased here,
but I think he's going to be


Audrey said...

I really did take some good pictures hu? I'm glad I was behind the camera that early :) He is going to be great, and he is SO excited!

Pat said...

He is going to be great. Congratulations!!! It really is kind of a feeling of crossing some kind of finish line don't you think? Not that I would know anything about running or racing. But I imagine it would feel that way. It really is the worst watching the siblings say good bye. Hard enough for me, but to know how much they will miss each other. Pretty hard. And yet like you say, you wouldn't have it any other way. And we all know we would cry if they didn't go, so really what the what. Basically when you are a mom there are going to be some tears. No way around it. Hugs.

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