Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Let me begin by saying, I should be studying.  I'm fully aware of this little fact so I'll keep things short, sweet and to the point.  Well..as much to the point as I ever do.

The reason I need to be studying...I did not pass all of my test in December.  I passed one quarter of the test.
On Monday I passed two more portions and missed the last one by two stupid points. grrrr.
I am scheduled to test again on this coming Monday.
I would really really love to be done with this little thorn in my side.
I am slowly adjusting to working full time.  I don't mind the work and while I'm there it's really no biggie.
It's the coming home that gets a little crazy...it is at that point that I am quickly reminded that I have not been home all day. 
I don't really love working full time, but it is what it is.
So there you go.

This boy.

Oh, hello handsome man.  He leaves in just two short weeks.  It is so so crazy.  And I am so so excited for him.  I keep telling myself I still have time with him...and I do, but it's not much.  He, on the other hand, is chomping at the bit.  

I really do miss blogging.

Life is all around just pretty good.  Not what I expected it would be, but pretty good all the same.
I didn't expect to have my 18 year old son graduate early and be leaving on a mission so soon.
I didn't expect to be working full time outside the home....ever.
I didn't expect that Mike and I would be trading roles....ever.
I didn't expect a lot of things.
And that's okay...because I guess I should learn to expect the unexpected.
Come what may and love it, right?

Peace Out.


Mer said...

Do you have to re-take all sections of the test each time? I hope not! Good luck sending Adam out into the world. Please blesses coming your way on both fronts.

farmgirl said...


No. I don't have to retake all the sections, just the quarter I didn't pass...but I get to pay again. grrr.

There are two tests. Each test is broken into two parts. Once one part of the test is passed you don't have to retake it, but you still pay for the whole test.
So fun.

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