Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Laundryfest.

I finally had the first
day of the summer.
Yes, I do realize we are a week+ into summer.  What??  I've been busy.
So here it is.  All the masses of laundry.

Does that look like a lot?  Cuz it sure felt like a lot to me.
And this is just the punks laundry and I hadn't even folded the levis yet.
Holy Crap.
In their defense it had been quite sometime since I had really hit the laundry hard.
But still, Holy Crap.
My corpse would of been stinking it up a wee bit before anyone
found me under that mountain of fabric.

Since then we have had a Come to Jesus talk about laundry
(p.s. this is not the first Come to Jesus laundry talk we have had, 
probably they just really enjoy these little chats)
 and summer.
Something to the effect of who has two thumbs and
will not be spending her summer vacation
being buried alive under mounds of laundry?  THIS MOM.
Something to the effect of you people do not need to put clothes
 in the hamper that you have just looked at or even thought
about putting on your cute little bodies.

Hello?...Isn't one of the fundamental joys of summer
wearing the same clothes for three days straight?
No?...Maybe that was sipping lemonade in the hot summer sun
and star gazing on cool summer nights.
Eh well, I really think wearing the same clothes for three days
straight should be one of the fundamental joys of summer.

Live it up, Peeps.  Let loose and wear the same clothes day in and day out.
That's what my Punks will be doing.

:o) Peace Out.
Happy Summer.


Pat said...

I whole heartedly agree with you. Changing clothes is highly over rated. You go girl what a great accomplishment. I kind of wish I was getting a summer vacation, but then again I rather enjoying eating and paying my bills so I suppose I need to be grateful to still have one job. Happy Summer indeed.

mn_cnking said...

Your children should take a page out of their grandpa book - he would wear the same shirt all week, taking time out to put a new over the old when needed.

Pat said...

Ahem, summer is almost over, just ask Amanda and where are all the posts you were going to write? Hmmmm? I am sure there is an awesome unwritten one about girls camp at the very least. You must be too busy living life to blog. I hate it when that happens. And really now pot meet kettle.

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