Friday, April 27, 2012

The Red-Neck Deck.

So.  What's a girl to do when she is occasionally wanting to grill a little something up for the fam and her husband is a die hard charcoal kinda guy and she is not interested in always waiting for said charcoal?
She ho hums about it for years and years and then one day a few years ago she just goes ahead and purchases one of those itty bitty grills.  You know, the kind that are 20 buck-a-roos at Walmart.  And then she turns a deaf ear to her husbands remarks about the Mickey Mouseness of the thing, but embraces the name he selects for her new item.  The Barbie BBQ(really, I should paint the thing pink)

Fast forward to yesterday when she says to her husband, "Hey, I had this you think some super handy handsome guy wants to build a little shelf-esk thingyoff the deck/stoop so we could put the Barbie BBQ on it?  It would make it waaaay more user friendly, then we wouldn't need to go all the way up and down the steps."

*side note*  When I say deck/stoop I'm not actually kidding.  It's pretty tiny.  Some day we want to make it bigger.  But that day is not today.  Or tomorrow.  And so I asked myself, WWMD?
*side note #2*  While I am an avid believer of the 'Ole Pioneer Spirit' my beloved husband has been a little slow to see the light and embrace the genius behind it all.  Therefore, he generally gives me a polite nod and smile when I suggest a way to make something 'just work'.

He gave her his usual polite nod and a smile. (which she knows means he's probably thinking "oh, your cute.  but, umm, that'll never work")  Imagine her surprise when that very afternoon that very handy handsome of hers took 45 minutes out of his life and did just that.  I love it when he gets all Macgyver like.

Behold, I give you the Red-Neck Deck.  (so named by my brother David.  thanks David)

Fabulous, innit?
And, yup, that really is the view right from my very kitchen.

 From the north. 
Yes, it still needs to be stained.
That's a job for tomorrow.  It's too durn cold out there now.
Can we say snow flurries and bitter cold wind today, Class?

From the south.

Do you see the genius? 
Are you embracing the Ole Pioneer Spirit?
Good.  I knew there was a reason we were friends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring has Sprung

...well, it's springing any way.  But not today.  Today it is raining.
What happens when Spring is springing???
Spring Fever.
What's the cure?
Ohhh....lots of projects.
Projects in the house and in the yard, just all kinds of fantasticness.

So, I had this problem.  The problem was called
"What to do with stinky chore clothes and milking boots?"
This was a big problem.  I don't have a mud room or anything like unto it.
The kids come in and out the back door down stairs, the back door that is part of the family room.  It was an unorgansized  mess.  And we all know how I feel about those.
I just KNEW I could come up with something.
Some way to solve this little problem the WWMD (what would macgyver do) way.

The solution?  These: 

Beautiful, right?  They'd been tucked away in the barn by our house for who knows how long.  Word on the street is they'd been here since my folks bought the place years and years ago.  I got the okey dokey from the folks and away we went.
With a bit of elbow grease and paint they turned into these:

Do you love them?  Well, I do.  And they're in my house so that's what matters.

 And look at that...Adam made a shelf to further organsize the boots.

Yay!!  Love a good project.
And I love that the project was just sitting around waiting to be discovered.
And I love that Adam got so involved.  He's a mighty handy guy.

More to come on all the projects going on around here.
Try to stay calm and keep your excitement at a minimum.

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