Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fire it up...

You know those days when you feel like telling the kids to grab 5 personal items, (doesn't matter if it's clothing, toys, books, whatever they choose) and choose them wisely--because you're burning the rest?

I'm not just having one of the days, I'm in a serious 'fire it up and burn it down' mode.  This morning I am ready to heave 90% of our belongings.  For real.

But I will try not to do anything too drastic like burn the house down with my sleeping hubby (he is working the night shift these days...err umm...nights I mean) in it.  Instead I have decided to take my frustrations out on the big old mess in my yard I like to call the 'Once upon a time they were pretty flower beds, then they became an overgrown and weed infested jungle and now are dead and frozen flower beds' project.

I'm hoping it will curb my enthusiasm / freakishness / aggression.
If not I may need to resort to warm brownies later.

Wish me luck.

I currently have a 
7 year old I am 
considering selling to
 the Gypies if he doesn't 
get his chores done asap.

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