Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Laundryfest.

I finally had the first
day of the summer.
Yes, I do realize we are a week+ into summer.  What??  I've been busy.
So here it is.  All the masses of laundry.

Does that look like a lot?  Cuz it sure felt like a lot to me.
And this is just the punks laundry and I hadn't even folded the levis yet.
Holy Crap.
In their defense it had been quite sometime since I had really hit the laundry hard.
But still, Holy Crap.
My corpse would of been stinking it up a wee bit before anyone
found me under that mountain of fabric.

Since then we have had a Come to Jesus talk about laundry
(p.s. this is not the first Come to Jesus laundry talk we have had, 
probably they just really enjoy these little chats)
 and summer.
Something to the effect of who has two thumbs and
will not be spending her summer vacation
being buried alive under mounds of laundry?  THIS MOM.
Something to the effect of you people do not need to put clothes
 in the hamper that you have just looked at or even thought
about putting on your cute little bodies.

Hello?...Isn't one of the fundamental joys of summer
wearing the same clothes for three days straight?
No?...Maybe that was sipping lemonade in the hot summer sun
and star gazing on cool summer nights.
Eh well, I really think wearing the same clothes for three days
straight should be one of the fundamental joys of summer.

Live it up, Peeps.  Let loose and wear the same clothes day in and day out.
That's what my Punks will be doing.

:o) Peace Out.
Happy Summer.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Have you ever found something out that you feel the need to shout from the roof tops?  Have you ever sat in the doctors office and actually said "Why don't people know about this!?!?"  Here's my story:

Once upon a time, 18 years ago...oh, I'm sorry did I say 18 years ago?  I meant EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO the hubby and I anxiously awaited the birth of our first born child.  I remember our excitement when we purchased our first package of diapers months before we really needed them in our efforts to stock pile them.  Babies go through a lot of diapers, we'd been told.
And so began my journey of supporting the diaper industry.  And since that day so many moons ago it has.never.stopped.  Yes, really.  I have either been buying diapers or pullups--or both--for over 18 years.  By my calculations I have spent, well...a lot of money!  I've been told that bed wetting can be genetic. 

Here's a fun little story problem for you:  One of the two of my children's parents was a bed wetter for a long time.  And it wasn't their do the math.

We have had more than one of our children struggle with bed wetting, I have been told over and over again that 'they will grow out of it' and they have.  Except the last two.  Audrey was in 5th grade before she stopped so I haven't been in a total panic about Elsie and Grant.

Mikey threw a few things into the gene pool that I'd just assume he'd left in the dressing room.  Ginormous tonsils top the list.  We have had Mike's, Audrey's and Lucy's removed.  All three of them had big BIG snoring issues (one of them still has some issues--he will remain nameless) and they would get strep throat multiple times a year.  So, these giant tonsils were obstructing the air while they slept and they were also a little petri dish for every sickness that came down the pike.  Elsie also inherited the giant tonsils.  She hasn't picked up strep, but she does battle a sore throat on a regular basis and she snores like an old man--just ask her sisters that share a room.

I finally decided it was time to look into getting her tonsils removed.  We went in for her check up and we were referred to an ENT.  I took her in today.  This morning I had a little mini epiphany.  Audrey quit wetting the bed shortly after she had her tonsils out.  I decided to share this little tidbit with the doctor...I told her this was just Doctor Mom speaking, but could that be related??  She said Absolutely Yes!!  What?!?  Apparently bed wetting can be a result of sleep apnea.  Who knew??  Not me.  Who should know?  Pediatricians.  And parents of bed wetting kids.

Now, do I think that every bed wetter has sleep apnea? No.  But I certainly had no idea the two were even related.  The doctor told me that kids of normal weight and who are other wise healthy shouldn't be snoring or wetting the bed at this age.  She said that they have had kids in their late teens who have been to the urologist multiple times and on some pretty heavy medication come through the door to find out  it was sleep apnea all along.

Well, fan-diddley-tastic! 
I'm super happy to have the info and thought you should too. 

*This public announcement 
brought to you by farmgirl.  
**I am not sponsored nor 
do I have any affiliation 
with nasty tonsils. 

Thank you. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the rest of Summer.

Holy Schnikies!  It's June 6.  Hello?!  Good thing tomorrow is the first day of the rest of Summer!!
And, yes, there is a good chance I'll be saying that all summer long.

I'm just going to keep that attitude up as long as possible:

House is a disaster?
No worries.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of summer.
Didn't get the weeding done?
No worries.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of summer.
Laundry piling up?
No problem.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of summer.
Didn't push myself out the door to run this morning?
No problem.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of summer.
Didn't get the kiddies to bed until all hours of the night?
Not to worry.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of summer.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down here?  Are you smelling what I'm stepping in?
Fiddley Dee.  Tomorrow is another day and as long as I'm filling up my days
staying busy (even if it's not "on the to do list") it's all good. 
Eventually I will have a day or two here and there and I will get all my junk done. 
Or sorta done, done until the chickadees walk in the door...wait, the chickadees are here 24/7. 
Okay, so maybe I won't get it done--but it's all good.

Last summer was not my best work.  It pretty much chewed me up and spit me out on the curb next to the school bus.  That will not be the case for Summer 2013.

And guess what??  I want to blog this summer.  For reals.  I know I'm an old fashioned gal that way, but really...status updates on FB and all those rad (umm...did I just say 'rad'? Yes, I am so so so on the cutting edge of things) new fancy shmancy things just aren't enough for me.  I quite enjoy rambling.

Summer 2013...let's get ready to rock and roll.

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