Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My running buddy.

I've only had one.  I've had walking buddies and I've had run/walking buddies, but I've only had one running buddy.  She was the running buddy instigator.  I had never run with a buddy (other than Mike, and he doesn't count because he's obligated to go my pace and not complain)  and I was nervous that she would dust me, honestly--I'm sure she could of.  But she didn't, she was happy to have someone to run with and I was happy to have someone who wanted to run with me.  It was a great match...right up until I moved.  But even since then when we went back down to visit she and I covered some great miles.

Living in St. George running was pretty much a year round activity- so every Monday, Wednesday and Friday early morning we would meet to pound the pavement and cover the miles.  I've always said exercise with a friend is just as beneficial for my mental well being as it is for my physical health, if not more.  It's like a therapy session three times a week.  The best part is the visiting--minus interruption.  No phones, no kids, no worries.  Just time to visit.  That's what we did.  Lots of miles, lots of great conversation--mostly about our kids and families.  Cuz you know, we're just your regular Mormon is our life.

I love this lady.  We are kindred spirits.  We are about the same age, same number of kids that roughly line up in age and we are both just kind of low maintenance, simple gals.  In fact, she kind of took over my job of being the 'grounder' for Robyn when I left the St. G.  Her son Dallin filled the playmate spot for Robyn's son Gil that Grant left vacant.  I just really like her, she's good people.

But, you know what?  Bad things happen to good people.  And it truly sucks.  My running buddy Karin lost her sweet 15 year old daughter Whitney 5 days ago in a tragic accident.

I am in Idaho, but my heart is in Santa Clara.
It doesn't seem right or real or fair.  And I am just so heart broken for her.
My running buddy has to bury a child.  We aren't suppose to do that.  We are regular moms, remember?
Whitney's a regular girl.  A great girl, but a regular great girl.  She should be here.
It's maddening.
It doesn't seem okay, but it will be.
I know it will be.

Other than a constant prayer in my heart for Karin and her family the only thing I can think to do is love my own little punks just a little bit better.  Hug them all just a little bit longer.  Take time to see them, really see them.  Make time to listen, laugh and love just a little bit more.

The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.

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