Monday, May 7, 2012

Even MacGyver would be proud.

Has your Monday been like mine?  Pretty much super inefficient, I'm feeling like I've been spinning my wheels all day around here.  So, I given up on accomplishing much and decided to share with you a project we finished last week that was all sorts of efficient.   
(It's either this or make a pan of brownies 
and we all know I'm trying to avoid that these days.)

Are you ready for something amazing?  Something so fantastic you can hardly stand it?  This is re-purposing at it's finest. I'm talking about the Queen Mother of Fabulous Projects.

Project:          Firepit & Patio
Supplies:      Old tractor tire rim, Old concrete, Tractor, Shovel,
                             Sledgehammer & People who really love you &
                             your wild ideas
Cost:               Blood, Sweat & Tears

bring in piles of concrete with the tractor, 
 take a sledgehammer to it,
break it into big pieces

bring in old tractor tire rim (also with tractor),
dig a hole for the tire rim 
(NOT with the tractor)
 dig out the grass and start placing the concrete

work in progress
(actually a lot of work)

almost done
bring in more dirt to fill in the cracks

victory is ours!
the first fire

followed quickly with a cookout

Our new patio & fire pit.
Isn't she a beauty?
Who's coming over for smores & a little star gazing?

I am seriously in love with this project.
I admire it a minimum of 800 times a day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's time I face the music, admit to something I have known for quite some time.
Me and freshly warm baked chocolatey treats, we are not besties.
We are frenemies.
I want to be besties, really I do.  I've spent years- a whole life time- working on our relationship.

I thought we were besties, a match made in heaven.  It's been a good run.....but,
the old metabolism, she aint what she used to be.
I think that's a big part of it, and also I'm an emotional eater.
A big time emotional eater.

Now, listen, I know I'm not morbidly obese.  I don't weigh 700 pounds (yet).
Lucky for me--REALLY lucky for me--I was blessed with great genetics and I fairly high metabolism, because as my mother used to tell me as a kid when I was shoveling in the sweets,
"If life were fair, you'd be as big as a barn."
And she was right.  Life isn't fair.  And in that particular case it really worked to my advantage.
Well, life is catching up to me now.

Something must be done.
I came up with a little plan several weeks ago.
I called it 'TreatsTimes2', which means I can have two treats twice a week.  Maybe to some people that still sounds like a lot, but trust me when I tell you it's much less than I have been known to have.
And, I just don't think I want to give it up all together.
The plan hasn't panned out as I had hoped.

So, my new plan is to:
 -admit to my frenemy relationship
-write it here
-get the support of my peeps
-and stick to it, at least for the month of May.  That's also part of the new have an a-MAY-zing month.  One month.  Just one.  And see where I'm at.

Wish me luck.
My name is farmgirl and treats are my frenemy.

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