Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready or Not, I am.

Somebody had a Birthday.....I've been 37 for a whole week now so I'm pretty much an expert on the subject.  It's good.  Let's have a little run down of the festivities, shall we??

I kicked it off the weekend before my big day.  My mom and sisters treated me (and themselves) to a "Queen for a Day" get away.  

We went to Salt Lake, got mani's, pedi's and facials, ate at Zupas, chilaxed in the hotel, relaxed in the hot tub, giggled the night away, had a lovely breakfast at Grand America buffet, enjoyed a trip to Ikea and headed home.  It was a super fun trip.

Upon my arrival home I found two things waiting for me.  
First, my Honey had been a very busy worker bee and had completed yet another stage of the kitchen remodel.


The stove used to be where the fridge is and the fridge was right next to the stove.  You don't really realize how important a little bit of counter space next to the stove is until you don't have, ya it's important.  So, he did a switch-a-roo and built that base cabinet.  He also put an outlet at the island in the kitchen, another big deal for me.  In short, he completed my triangle of power in the kitchen.
I love being married to such a handy guy.

Okay, so I found this picture Adam took at Christmas time to show Sam some of the work we've's the only before picture I have but it kinda gives you an idea of what it looked like before--oh, and btw just on the other side of the stove is the doorway to the hall.  Also not a fan of the stove next to an open doorway, I was always worried about the kids knocking a pan on the floor.

Second thing waiting for me, a package had arrived in the mail.  
It was a gift from my beloved St. George Pack of Chicks, my book group. 

 That's right, friends and neighbors, they all pitched in and bought me a Kindle.

Dear Pack of Chicks,
You are all the best.  
You gave me more than the gift of keeping up in book group, 
every time I pick up that sassy-red covered kindle I know you love me.  
And that means an awful lot.
Thank You.
Love Always,
your farmgirl

 On to the big day.  February 8.

Here I am in all my Birthday glory.  
And, yes, in case you were wondering I did not do my hair or even put in my contacts--it's my birthday and I'll look like I want to!  
But don't worry too much, I did get my hair cut the very next day.  
A much needed and much loved cut.
Thanks Amanda!

 My mom and I saw this super cute cupcake holder...and she went and bought it for me.
My mom and Amanda made some super fan-diddly-tastic cupcakes.
Can you say peanut butter cup in the middle?
Oh, yes!!  Delish.

Audrey disappeared into her room after school that day.
She reappeared at 7 pm with this new church bag she made for me.
She is a sewing super star thanks to her great aunt.
(and I do mean officially her great aunt, my aunt. 
who really is a GREAT -as in terrific- aunt too!) 

 Super cute.  
She knows I have to have a purse with a long strap so I can wear it across  one shoulder, 
so she made me a church bag with the same thing.  I love it.

And...this was actually a Valentine present...Mike made me a recipe box.
He's been selling them on etsy and now I have one of my very own.

Elsie's card absolutely made my day.

Mom is Great So Give Her A Chocolate Cake.
You said it Sister, and don't anybody forget it!
The best part is that I look like I am super skinny & I love how my left foot is turned in.
I'm keeping this card right where I can see it every day.

All this plus lots of love and a few more fabulous gifts....
37, I am ready.

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