Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Potato Salad Prep Discovery

Idaho is calling to me...

We both thought it was amazing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Realist

T-minus 3 minutes to departure for school this morning Elsie's face lights up and she yelps,
"Oh, oh, oh!! Mom! Mom! Mom! Can I have a quarter? I want to get one of the raffle baskets at school!"

Quick side note:
For those who may not be aware,
the elementary school
here does raffle baskets every spring.
There are many choose from and
I think it's a fairly successful event at the school.

To which Lucy replies, with a roll of the eyes,
"Yeah, Mom...could you give Elsie a quarter? She would like to buy a little tiny slip of paper for twenty five cents."

Friday, April 15, 2011

3 -in- 1

Times'a ticking....the kiddies will be out of school in less than an hour--I just LOVE early out Friday! So, you get the 3 -in- 1 super duper blog post. I know, you are all so excited. Try to control your selves! Here you go...3 very random things all in one post:
Blog post segment 1---


I've made no secret of my limited sewing abilities. We are talking limited, People.
Well, remember when I said I had another project I wanted to do??
Yes, it was sewing.
I did it.
And by saying "I" what I really mean is my sister-in-law came over last week, I put my big girl panties on and she baby stepped me through the entire thing
....okay, okay, and she did a lot of it for me.
Are you ready??
It was...
....drum roll please....

Ta Da!!! A bean bag chair!!
Are you SO amazed and SO impressed?!?!
Well, you should be.
Sometimes I amaze myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
You are all too kind!!

Blog post segment 2---


Just in case you might of thought I was kidding about the room formally known as the laundry room, now known as Packed Boxes Central, being a bit of a death trap...
I give you exhibit A:

I even put my own flesh and blood in the danger zone to give some reference, sure he is the smallest member of the family...but also the only one home with me to pose for my picture.
The pile of boxes wraps around the corner there to the right of Grant.
Lots of boxes, lots.

And last, but certainly NOT least..
Blog post segment 3--


Audrey is Officially a teenager.
Here she is in all her birthday morning glory.

Why, yes, if you were lucky enough to be in our family
then you too would get the most beloved and coveted
birthday crown and sash courtesy of the two smallest lady members of the house.
Doesn't she look amazing folks?
What a beauty!

Here's a question:
What happens when your child requests Angel Food Cake for her birthday
(which she has done for as long as she has been speaking),
you whip out the old Angel Food Cake pan (which you inherited from your husband's grandma nigh unto 15 years ago), notice it is kinda bent, but figure it'll be fine, go ahead and make that birthday cake late Saturday night (knowing the next day is the Sabbath), think it has all worked out just dandy, until you turn the cake over to cool and realize everything isn't all just dandy, and the cake starts falling out and ripping into pieces due to the bent pan and the fact that it didn't stick in the pan like it was supposed to???
Hmmm....whatcha gonna do?
Well, if your me then you just go ahead and let that cake cool, rip it the rest of the way into tiny pieces and make an Angel Food Cake trifle.

I do believe a new birthday tradition has been born.
And, yes, that is just one candle on the cake.
*some one* forgot to check to make sure we had candles..
okay, okay it was me.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet, Crazy Girl.
Life would be oh so dull without you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

  • I am still alive. Although I do take my life into my own hands every time I walk through the laundry room, which we will now refer to as 'Packed Boxes Central'. Packed Boxes Central is housing many, Many, MANY boxes of stuff. Floor to ceiling (10 ft. ceiling, mind you)! Remember, I live in the house where the garage (where one might normally store things such as packed boxes) is not really a garage, it's the shop. And according to my husband, Sacred Ground that simply cannot be disgraced by boxes cluttering up the work space of a genius....JUST KIDDING, HONEY! I know, I know, you have work to do...something about making money to feed and house the family...blah, blah, blah...whatever....
  • Speaking of the place formally known as the laundry room...Monday is Big Laundry day here at the farmgirl home, now, don't think I don't do laundry any other days, because I DO!! But, seeings how Sunday is a day of rest and all, and Saturday I'm just not in the mood, come Monday morning it's a pretty big task. However, IF my little punks would follow some sort of dirty laundry code we could cut the work down quite a bit. Methinks it is time once again for a "What qualifies as dirty laundry?- -Come to Jesus discussion" with the rugrats. Tell me, Peeps...would that cover FHE tonight?
  • You know the battle with food/treats? Umm, ya, I'm losing!! Seriously! Lately, food/treats, they are my master. It is so not a good thing...gonna work on that this week.
  • Allergy season: not a fan. Years ago I was never bothered by allergies. Now? VERY BOTHERED. What's up with that??
  • This whole moving thing...let's chat, shall we? We, meaning the farmgirl fam, are very excited. The kids are thrilled to be moving so close to Grandma and Grandpa and lots of cousins, as are Mike and I. We are excited to start a new chapter, roll the dice and see what happens. I think it's going to be good, no, I think it's going to be great! BUT, I am sad to leave so many friends and good people. I have told everyone I am not really discussing this until at least the second week of May...can't spend all my days all weepy and sniffily, now, can I? Well, not due to moving anyway--allergies are doing a fine job with that already. So, we aren't going any further down that road at this juncture.
  • This whole packing thing? Let me just say this: when you move into a house with a just a 3 year old and a 1 year old and you are still pretty young and college-like, you don't have a whole lotta stuff. BUT, when you move out of that same house eleven and a half years later and you are now a family of seven....well, that, my friends, is a whole 'nother story! My, ohhhh, my!!!! There's lots of work for me to do.
  • Since my time left here is beginning to feel like it may dwindle away before I realize it's gone, I have decided to try to take advantage of every park day, every running day, every opportunity to spend time with the people I have grown to love in a place I thought I never would. I was about 46 hours post baby delivery when we left Montana and started our trek to the St. G, it was the end of May when I arrived here, that summer highs reached (and stayed) in the 120* range--purty darn toasty for a little Idaho farmgirl--, it was hot and barren, I didn't know a single soul, I was lonely and overwhelmed. Since then I have grown to love the red dirt. I love my view from my front window: lava fields, red mountains, Pine Valley Mountain in the distance. It IS beautiful.
  • Speaking of red dirt...I think it will be kind of a sad day when, some day in the future, we cycle through the last of the red dirt stained socks and they no longer are part of my laundry ritual.
  • There ya be, Peeps...all the randomness from my brain to your computer screen.
  • Peace Out. :o)

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