Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where to begin?

At the beginning?
Seems logical.
One might think so...but, not for me.
I think I will just spew a blog post here and there and eventually I will cover the Idaho trip.
When last I posted I was feeling a wee bit melancholy---things turned out all right in the end.
A good time was had by all.
All right, so let's get crackin'
What do you want to know about first????
How about I tell you about me really getting in touch with the old farmgirl roots?

Here's the story:
Pretty much every visit home includes at least a couple of cow chasing episodes. This one did not disappoint. I actually don't mind getting the cows in. There was one instance that I didn't get the heads up to head on out....something about my parents thinking I was already asleep and letting me be--c'mon guys--I'm am good to go any time!! It always makes me feel farmgirlish to get the cows in, a little nostalgic I guess.

In fact, even my running was cow related this year. (besides the fact that our team name is 'We need more Cowbell') One morning I was heading out for a run and those crazy beasts were out so after running down to the state line and back twice, I called it a workout.
I did my last long run before the race with my brother, Richard and sister, Sara. Richard picked the location--Giraffe Hill. We drove to our starting point and ran about 6 very windy, but very beautiful miles. After we were done, we climbed back in the truck to head home. Long story short: someone was taking their cows out to range and we were stuck in a 'cow parade' for about 25 minutes. Good times.

Wanna know what the very best farmgirl thing was? When my dad asked me to stay a few extra days to help swath the hay. Need to see pictures to believe it??? Okay, Lucy was my trusty photographer....

Yep, this crazy girl right here.

There I am, in all my swathing glory.
You may not be able to see it very well, but that is indeed me behind the wheel.

Here's my view, not too shabby 'eh?
Have I ever told you my parents live in just about the most beautiful place on Earth?
Well they do.

Goose took a self portrait of the two of us.
I'm a beauty to behold.
How do you like my googly eyes?
I like to refer to them as my swathing eyes...
one eye on the camera and one eye on the field.
(okay, so maybe not so much one on the field and one on the camera
as two eyes just plain going in two different directions)

That's how I roll.
I'm gifted.
Can you do that??
Ya, I thought not.

They keep a bean bag in there for the kiddos to sit/sleep on.
FYI the swather is pretty much the best nap spot ever.
Grant got some good zzzz's out there with me.
This is my view of her.

And this is her view of me.

There you go...farmgirl the swathing fool.

And while we are on the subject of Goose...
That girl of mine asked me a few weeks ago how long her hair would be if she cut 10 inches off.
I donated my hair a few years ago and she wanted to do the same.
She is a sweet girl, that one.

Her hair was really long.

Of course, she wouldn't dream of making such a change without the beautiful
Aunt Amanda behind the scissors.

I know my fancy camera work did not capture the moment...
but the look on her face was classic.

Such a cute, sassy new do.
Very, very Goose-esk.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Truth is....

I am still alive and have not fallen off the face of the Earth.

Truth is...
I am in Idaho.
I am in Idaho attempting to enjoy some R&R.

Truth is...
Normally when I am in Idaho I don't give the rest of my life much of a second thought, I unwind with the best of them. I soak in the scenery and recharge my farmgirlness.

Truth is...
That plan isn't working so well this year. There are people, important people, coming and going back in the St. G in the next little while. Specifically a baby coming and some besties going. I'm not a huge fan of missing any of this. And so--

Truth is...
I feel like I'm here but a big piece of my heart has been left behind. And I'm not used to that. As a general rule I like to keep all of my internal organs with me. However--

Truth is...
I better get it back together because I'm gonna need a lot of heart to run this race. That's right, the race that is happening Friday. As in, the day after tomorrow. The Wasatch Back is here again. I'm running with four of my siblings, that fact alone makes it all worth while.

Truth is...
I'm not feeling as prepared as I was last year.

Truth is...
I think I will be just fine any way. !st run-- 3.4 miles. 2nd run--7 miles. 3rd run--6.1 miles. Total milege--16.5 I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. See a pattern?? Ya, I can do it.

Truth is...
It is now 10:57. The latest I have been awake (by a good 45 minutes-and even that was only one night and kind of a fluke) since my arrival here. And I am starting to feel it.

Truth is...
I took a Tylenol PM before sitting down to write this.

Truth is...
I think the drugs are catching up with me....
Peace out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Diary,

Day five of summer vacation. So far, so good.
Currently listening to two oldest children fighting, like to think of it as our summer themed background music--it plays a lot. After a while it's like elevator music, hardly even notice it.
Quite enjoying the lazy mornings. Lazy meaning still up at 6:15, just enjoying not going from sleep to fifth gear in 60 seconds.
House cleanliness: approximately 67%.
Okay for now, cannot maintain sanity and 67% cleanliness for extended period of time.
Leaving for three days to attend Youth Conference in mere 36 hours, taking oldest child.
Expected house cleanliness upon return: approximately 38%.
If house is still standing, and all four remaining children are unscathed- will accept 38% happily.
Hoping to ban entire family for minimum 4 hours from house for recovery mission.
Clean House = Happy Mama
Clean House cleaned by Mama = Even Happier Mama
Happy Mama = Happy Family

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